Birds Science 
Unit Study

The Birds Montessori Cultural and Science Unit Study adopts an experiential approach, emphasizing hands-on exploration and observation to deepen understanding of avian biology and behavior. Through carefully curated activities, eBooks, printables, and materials, children engage in immersive experiences that foster a comprehensive understanding of birds while promoting motor control, literacy, numeracy skills, and sensorial exploration and more.

All About  

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  • Visual Infographics 
  • Learning-by-Doing Prompts
  • Engage in Kinesthetic Experiential Learning 
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Birds Characteristics

Learn about fascinating avian creatures.
NUMERACY Lesson series

Hands On Math

Make Learning Fun | Sensory Play
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Early Reading  

Joyfully Climbing the Literacy Ladder
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  • Gorgeous Real-Life HD Photographs 
  • Short Vowels Reading Practice
  • Sight Words Reading Practice
  • CVC Words Early Reading
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Lesson series

Birds of North America

Montessori Nomenclature 3-Part Cards
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MATH series

Birds Puzzles

With Modifications from 18 m - 6 years.
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What's included?

  • Printable Downloads
  • Video Tutorials
  •  Instructional eBooks

5 Core Ares

Activities in Language, Math, PLA, and Sensorial Areas.

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