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"ONE-SIZE-FITS ALL" APPROACH FAILS to serve our children

Online Questionnaires

Kindly complete these two online forms to help me better understand your child's needs. This will enable me to customize a plan that sparks their interests and aligns with their inclinations.

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My Child as a Learner 

This form will help determine your preferences and goals, as well as your child's interests, natural inclinations, and preferred learning style(s), such as visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, etc.

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Academic Questionnaire

Please fill out this Academic Questionnaire if your child falls within the age of 2 through 6 years. Please make sure all questions are answered.

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Evaluation Zoom Call

Please select your time and fill out the above forms before the call. This is an initial assessment and evaluation of your child's preferential learning style(s) and academic and developmental inclinations, as well as determining your goals and objectives and your child's and family's needs.

(For the initial consultation, please disregard the Monthly Observation Form.) 

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Choose Your Welcome Learning Kit

Please select a complimentary welcome learning kit of your choice. You will also receive a yearly learning kit of your child's choice as a birthday gift. (I will create a promo code for you to enter at checkout. The kits ship free within the USA. International fees apply.) More Kit Choices Below.

Life Cycle of a 🐓🐥Chicken 

Explore hands-on about the lifecycle of a chicken with this sensory learning kit while triggering multiple senses, promoting numeracy skills, and advancing hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Spring 🥚Egg Nest Learning Kit

Refine the tactile sense, promote rational counting and advance motor control and hand-eye coordination with Spring Eggs in a Nest Sensory Learning Kit.

🐛🐞Bugs Insects Learning Kit

Learn hands-on about indispensable creepy crawlers with this Bugs Insects Sensory Learning Kit while refining the senses, promoting dexterity, and advancing hand-eye coordination.

Life Cycle of 🐟Salmon 

Salmon lifecycle sensory learning kit allows children to explore safely changes a salmon undergoes from birth to maturity through a fun tactile, hands-on sensory invitation to play.

🐢Tortoises & Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle

Turtles and life-cycle sensory learning kit to explore reproduction, birth, and growth stages, as well as these turtally amazing reptiles such as sea turtles, tortoises, and terrapins.

Life Cycle of a 🦋 Butterfly 

Learn hands-on about the metamorphosis and the lifecycle of a butterfly with this sensory learning kit while refining the senses, promoting fine motor control, and advancing hand-eye coordination.

Life Cycle of a 🐸 Frog 

Frog’s life-cycle Montessori small world sensory learning kit allows preschoolers and kindergartners to explore changes a frog undergoes from birth to maturity through a fun hands-on sensory invitation to learn and play.

🐻‍❄️Arctic Learning Kit

Learn hands-on about Arctic animals while exploring their habitats and promoting fine motor skills, cognitive growth and language development.

🐧Penguin Kit

Learn about different types of penguins as well as their habitat with this Penguin Sensory Learning Kit to promote sensory skills and STEM education.

I have a Gift for You! 

Download my eBook "The Basics: Birth till Age 6" where I decipher all things Montessori!

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The Basics eBook

Download The Basics - the Montessori method parenting eBook to help you understand the basics and start embracing Montessori as a part of your home and family. 

For Your Reference

While not mandatory, the documents below may provide valuable additional insight or information.

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 Kindergarten Readiness Guide 

With the recent adoption of the Common Core State Standards, please feel free to familiarize yourself with these academic standards for the Kindergarten level.  

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Common Core Standards

NYS Common Core English Language Arts & Literacy Standards for Pre-kindergarten to Kindergarten Level your reference. You will find Reading Standards for Literature (RL), Foundational Skills (RF), Writing Standards (W) and so forth. 


5 Core Montessori Subjects

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Practical Life Activities

(a) care of self such as food prep, dressing, washing,

(b) care of the environment, such as cleaning, gardening, care of pets, environmentalism,
(c) grace and courtesy, such as greetings, manners, social interactions
(d) control of movement, such as refining movements, walking the line, moving quietly.
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Sensorial Works

Sensorial Activities focus on and allow the child to refine each of the senses. They include specifically designed materials that isolate just one quality. As such, sensorial activities refine fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses, and develop coordination and the ability to order and classify. In particular, sensorial activities focus on either sight (visual), touch (tactile), smell (olfactory), taste (gustatory), sound (auditory), and stereognostic (kinesthetic) senses.

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Language Works

Language curriculum is based on phonemic awareness and children learn to read by following a phonetic approach. Children also work through specific hands-on tactile language materials such as sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabet. Steps towards literacy plan promotes early literacy while following a non-traditional approach to language development. 

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Many sensorial materials, such as a Pink Tower, Red Rods and sensory Tactile Boards are in fact a precursor to numeracy work. A child then transitions to number rods, sandpaper numbers, number boards, spindle box, number tiles, beads, and games. Each exercise builds upon another and the child gradually moves from concrete to abstract areas such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

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Cultural & Science

Some of the areas of study are:

(a) Geography (solar system, continents, landforms, earth layers)

(b) Zoology (classification, physiology of animals)

(c) Botany (ecology, classification, physiology of plants)

(d) History (clock, timelines, using a calendar)

(e) STEM & Science Experiments 

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Arts & Crafts

In a Montessori environment, although not a "core subject," arts and crafts provide children with a hands-on way to express creativity and develop fine motor skills, fostering a sense of independence and self-expression. Through self-guided exploration of various materials, children cultivate their imagination and build confidence, nurturing their cognitive and emotional growth.

Sample Curriculum Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to purchase a lot of Montessori materials?

Not a lot. I suggest some essential Montessori materials based on your budget; however, I provide DIY alternatives, should you decide to make them. I also design and offer printable materials to promote active hands-on learning. 

Do I need to homeschool 8 hours to utilize customized curriculum?

No. The beauty of homeschooling is that in three hours of one-on-one interaction, a child absorbs more than s/he would during a full eight-hour day at a conventional or even a Montessori school. I suggest one to three hours of work cycle, based on your family environment. 

Do I need to dedicate an entire room to homeschool?

No. One low to the ground and long shelf would suffice. You can also adopt some of the existing shelvings in your home to homeschooling, for example, TV shelves are generally low to the ground and are at a child-view level. 

Learning is a natural process!

Welcome to eMontessori! Let's turn learning into a natural, enjoyable, and enchanting process! 
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