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Unit Study

Frogs Habitats

Learn about amphibians, frogs' characteristics and habitats with this 40-page hands-on pin poking, cutting and pasting activity pack. 

Learn About Amphibians

Montessori science unit study to explore this amazing amphibians up-close. 
Frogs & amphibians inspired hands-on activities and printables for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners to promote experiential learning.
Frogs and amphibians inspired hands-on activities and printables for children ages 18 months + with the focus on preschoolers and kindergartners to promote experiential learning. Some cultural activities are suitable for lower elementary level. 
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Frogs Puzzles & 
Memory Games

Advance visual & memory skills with halves and quarter puzzles as well as Memory Match-Up Sheets. Ages 12 M + 
Frogs and other amphibians themed activities will have your child engaged in hands-on learning! Besides, your little one will be practicing fine and gross motor control, numeracy, and literacy skills through project-based invitations to learn and play. Interactive printables will trigger visual discrimination skills while your child is practicing problem-solving, spatial reasoning, cognitive thinking, and more! 

The Classes of

Amphibians | Anatomy | 3 Part Cards
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Frog Thematic Study

Brian thrives on novelty! Thematic unit studies are an excellent tool to learn or encode a concept with 40% better retention rate. Join to learn through play! 

Early Reading

Joyfully Climbing the Literacy Ladder
  • Click | Print | Learn
  • Gorgeous Real-Life HD Photographs 
  • Short Vowels Reading Practice
  • Sight Words Reading Practice
  • CVC Words Early Reading
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Anatomy of a Forg

Learn | Cut | Paste & Trace
"What the hand does, the mind remembers."


Learn multiplication and skip counting with hands on printables. 
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Pin Poking PLA

Develop fine motor control, pincer grip and concentration. 

What's included?

  • Over 35 learning activities 
  • Including over 25 Printable đź“ŽPDFs
  • Activities in the form of a video tutorial, instructional eBook, or downloadable PDF
  • Access activities anytime, from anywhere!

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Frog Life Cycle

Explore life cycle with Montessori Nomenclature cards.
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  • Promote Experiential Learning 
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Course Lessons

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