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#is the best | #is awesome | #has quality features | #changed our life

This is changing people's lives and most importantly, children's future!

Diana Rodriguez
This is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Maggie Ching
Too good to be true! The program and courses are wonderful!


What Lifetime MKAP Members are Saying ...

I became a life time member as I was struggling to figure out what I should teach my daughters. Twins 3.5 years old. I am excited to not have to figure it out and be more present now.

Bee Reekah

I was struggling to find Montessori material for my toddler to do on her daily activities. Every profile or website I found were all over the place. When I found Anya’s profile I loooved it. It’s so organized, the resources, specially the monthly calendar that comes with the MKAP, are so useful for us! And last but not least, Anya will answer you any time! She is so personable and caring. I even received two bonus courses when I signed up for MKAP! So thankful for her!

 lianis Pineda

My first thought was to know I have a guide to our day. I spend too much time online searching for at least one activity a day to do with my son and it is time consuming, this is why having your monthly calendar really makes a difference. We will try to make the different activities tomorrow. I hope you don't mind me tagging you in my posts/reels. I am very grateful and excited to be able to share, teach and learn with my son thanks to you!

Wendy Rich

What Members are Saying About MKAP

Anya! This is amazing! Loving the Monthly Calendar!  Two years ago when I found you, you were the only one I found online doing what you do in Montessori! You're so appreciated for all the dedication and effort you put into the education of children. Beyond happy to have found you! You’re the best, Anya! I love being a member! 


It is noticeable the amount of love and thought Anya puts to create the kids monthly activity plan. I absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to waste my time on social media searching for kids activities and a as homeschool parent it is important to have the extra time to just be present. I appreciate the creativity the use of the different materials that we already have at home. Without MKAP homeschool would be boring. So grateful for Anya’s support through this journey. 

Lizbeth Palacios

We are going on 6 months of MKAP and have done nearly every activity (with some minor changes due to supplies, etc). My kids have loved doing them and sometimes I am shocked with what they gravitate toward- It pushes us to try things that I would not have chosen for them to do. I love how Anya explains why the activity is important for their development and how it helps them to learn different skills. Thank you so much for making this invaluable experience for my family! 

Amy Jackson

What Members are Saying About MKAP

My daughter Rosie and I love the plan! We do about 3 activities a week. She is 2.5 and adores all the sensory bin activities especially. What I particularly like is that instead of going online and searching for things to do (and struggling to gather the supplies), these activities are organized for me a month in advance, and I can gather supplies in one shopping trip. ❤️

Katie Purdy

My little ones are my daughter Nora (2) and son Logan (4 months). My daughter loves to learn and I was really looking for new things to teach her when I kept seeing you popup on my instagram! Thank you for the wonderful resources and I look forward to doing more of the activities as she grows!

JOY Foster

Thank you so much, Anya! It's really clear to me that you were born to make the life of moms and their children easier and more fun!! The more I read your content and your activities, the more I appreciate them.

Teresa Romano

 Our School with Your Words

#is the best | #is awesome | #has quality features | #changed our life

The quality of the materials is so wonderful. Anya's amazing materials work so well with my classroom of young children with special needs. The illustrations are simply beautiful, and the resources are easily adaptable to use with varying developmental levels. I love how they apply to my students, but they are also so visually appealing, it's a treat for me, too! I love the courses I have received. Thank you!

Rachel zentner

I cannot recommend this enough! We practiced some basic Montessori style parenting but I wanted to get more involved with language, math, sensory and science. I was intimidated by Montessori learning but decided to try out this program. I have a unique toddler who has Speech Apraxia and is Neurodiverse. This took away all the mystery, anxiety and unknowns I had. I love it!!


Dear Anya, I love your work and passion for what you do. But mostly, your kind heart. You're always giving back to the community and sharing your beautiful ideas. We are blessed to have you as a part of this platform. Keep doing what you do. You're changing people's lives and, most importantly, children's futures! 

DIANA Rodrigues

Our School with Your Words

#is the best | #is awesome | #has quality features | #changed our life

I just want to said. THANKS you are our blessing every day in my life and my 3 kids life. THANKS for you show your love in all that you do through activities. I pray for you and your family that the LORD BLESS YOU IN ALL WAYS 🙏❤️

Yesica Sanchez

I cannot recommend enough this platform! As a parent of two I am constantly struggling with time and was so hard for me lately to do activities with them because I didn't have that time to find ideas or to prepare materials! But this platform has everything you need! The materials are so colorful and appealing for kids and diversity of activities are beyond your expectation! The platform is easy to navigate as Anya did an amazing job organizing and explaining all you need to know! But if you have any question or curiosity Anya is constantly there to help you with what you need! I am so happy that I am part of this membership! 

 Claudia Leampar

I can say that the monthly membership is really worth the investment, very well organized, full of information, but at the same time is focused! Anya has a fantastic wealth of knowledge, and she's very generous, always available to support and to answer my questions and guide me through it.

Thank you so much <3!

Israa Dammad

Course reviews

As a parent, I have always been intrigued by the Montessori educational philosophy and its emphasis on child-centered learning and fostering independence. When I came across Anya’s IG page a couple of years ago, I couldn’t wait to begin implementing her ideas with my own kids. Her membership of Montessori From The Heart provides a comprehensive understanding of Montessori principles and practical applications, making it suitable for beginners and those already familiar with the philosophy. I absolutely love her videos! They demonstrate various Montessori activities and techniques, providing clear instructions on how to set up the learning environment and engage children in purposeful, hands on experiences.

Anya provides so many resources, including, printable materials, recommended reading lists, and helpful tips on creating engaging Montessori-inspired activities. These resources have been instrumental in expanding my knowledge and allowing me to create a stimulating learning environment for my child. Lastly but most importantly, Anya created a super friendly community of likeminded parents and is always available to answer any questions or concerns.
Marina Grubman

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What Our Members Have to Say

"I am so pleased with this membership. Not only is there a vast information and knowledge put together to let me start right away but Anya is making the membership truly special. Her dedication and joy to learning and Montessori as well as exceptional response time and customer service to any of my enquiries make this journey for my children and myself a wonderful and enjoyable experience."
Fiona S. 
"I continue to be impressed with all that Anya has created with this membership. There are SO many amazing resources, in every topic imaginable! Adaptable to various ages, there is an abundance of ideas, activities, and explanations of concepts. I have learned so much myself! In addition, everything Anya has put together is so colorful and visually appealing, it makes things that much more engaging for children. Further, Anya is one of the most responsive and truly caring people on social media. ANY time I have had a question, need clarification, or help finding something, she responds quickly and thoroughly. Her warmth and care has been so consistent, ever since I first discovered her account on Instagram last year, right in the beginning of the pandemic quarantine time. She was a tremendous help to me while we had to do virtual school at home via Zoom, and her activities were and continue to be favorites with my children. She is also an inspiration to me overall as a woman, wife, and mother. Brava, and THANK YOU, Anya!"
Andrea U. 
"I really cannot recommend Montessori from the heart with Anya enough to all parents. She has opened our lives to the world of Montessori and learning through play has never been more enjoyable. This membership has everything you will ever need on all subjects such as botany, science, culture, literacy, numeracy and many more. The lessons are brilliantly researched and easy to follow. No more scrolling on the internet anymore. Anya is very positive and you can tell from following her Instagram that she really loves what she does. I am delighted I found this membership and want everyone to know if anyone is looking to add fun, gentle, teachable moments into your child’s life, it will be the best gift you can give your child."
Grainne O'D. 
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