Apple & Farm
Kids Activities

Activities for All Ages

Interactive printable activities to promote motor skills, numeracy, literacy, and more.

Cultural Works

Learn about the lifecycle, types of apples, and parts of the apple with hands-on lessons that promote experiential learning.

Toddler Activities

Promote visual discrimination, fine motor, and scissor skills with hands-on activities.
The Apple and Farm-inspired Kids activities course for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners is designed to spark joy, curiosity, and the love for learning while promoting experiential learning by doing. 
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Scissor Skills


A child will enjoy practicing scissor skills with this apple-farm-themed scissors strip set featuring linear cutting strips, snip strips, and more!
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Hungry 🐛Caterpillar Pack

Promote fine motor control, dexterity, and numeracy skills with hands-on invitations to learn from a Hungry Caterpillar Pack designed for toddlers and preschoolers.
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Learn Patterns


Patterns help children make predictions because children begin to understand what comes next. Patterns also help little ones learn how to use reasoning skills and make logical connections. Moreover, patterning is an essential mathematical skill upon which many other mathematical concepts are based, such as addition, skip counting, times table, and others. 

Lacing Prompts

Promote fine motor control, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination with lacing and threading printable activity prompts.
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 Types of Apples


Learn about various types of apples with Montessori Nomenclature Three-Part Cards. 
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Develop Reasoning & Matching Skills

Children as young as 12 months can try to match an identical picture to a picture. 

Apples Pre-K Pack

Promote fine motor control and numeracy skills through hands-on invitations to learn with strip puzzles and scissor skills prompts.
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Learn Teens with Montessori Beads

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Apple Tree
Life Cycle 


Learn the history of apple cultivation as well as the life cycle of an apple tree with these hands-on printable pages to enrich language skills and promote cultural areas of study. 

Practice Pre-Writing Strokes

Before a child learns to hold a pencil, they need sufficient fine motor control and hand strength to attempt the pre-writing strokes. So, preparing a hand to hold a pencil or a pen is a precursor to a child's writing ability.
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Handwriting Practice

Preschool Copy Work

Learn proper letter formation and practice spelling.

Practical Life Activities

Promote the development of essential practical life skills necessary for a child to become an independent, self-reliant, confident, and capable individual.
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Handwriting Practice

Poems Copy Work

 Promote fine motor control and encourage penmanship with these watercolor-illustrated poem prompts.

What's included?

  •   🖨 70+ Printable pages in a PDF format with aesthetically designed watercolor or HD real-life images.
  • 💡Over 30 learning activities arranged by area of study, such as PLA, Sensorial, Math, Language, Crafts, etc.
  • 📽 Video tutorials
  • 📚Books recommendations

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This course is a blend of eBook activities, video tutorials, and printable downloads wrapped up in an Apple and Farm-infused learning experience. 

📚 Thematic activities in eBook formats will ignite your child's passion for learning while promoting cognitive thinking and motor control. These thematic activities will engage a child in hands-on learning, while developing numeracy and literacy skills through project-based invitations to learn and play.

🎥 Video Tutorials add a visual guide to your lesson presentations, enhancing your learning experience.  

🖨️ Aesthetically designed printable downloads make learning interactive and enjoyable. Printables will trigger visual discrimination skills while a child is practicing problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and cognitive thinking.

p.s. As autumn brings an abundance of apples, the course aligns perfectly with the season. You can make learning even more exciting by incorporating real apples, planning a trip to an orchard, or simply munching on a crispy apple while diving into the Montessori-inspired activities.

Apple & Farm
Themed Course

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