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Halloween Not-So-Spooky hands-on activities, lessons, video tutorials and printables for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. 
Halloween Not-So-Spooky hands-on activities, lessons, video tutorials and printables for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. 
This is a living and constantly expanding course and not a fixed PDF.
You will find a wide array of activities in eBook formats,
lessons as video tutorials and printable downloads. 
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Learn Through Hands-on Prompts

 children learn best when they're involved in what they're doing so this 80+ page Halloween Kids Activities Pack includes do-a-dot, toddler activities, pre-writing strokes, numeracy, literacy, shape color recognition, science, logic and more!
Lesson series

Inside Halloween Mega Pack

This 80+ Halloween printable pack is suitable for ages 15 months and higher, so I have toddlers through kindergarten age covered! Trust me, this Halloween Hands-On Kids Activities Pack will keep little hands busy and minds agile! Your little one will be strengthening small muscles of the hand, improving spatial awareness with many puzzles as well as advancing sensorial and visual discrimination, exercising scissors ✂️ skills, and much more!
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Tracing Strips

Practice fine motor control and left to right progression with Halloween tracing strips. 

List of Books

Clickable list of Not-So-Spooky classic Halloween books for kids.
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Promote concentration, fine motor control and spark creativity with do-a-dot kids activities pack.

Strip Puzzles

Promote spatial awareness, fine motor control and counting skills.
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3-Part Cards

Promote language and matching skills with Montessori Nomenclature 3-Part Cards.

3-Part Cards in 4 Languages

Enrich vocabulary and promote visual discrimination
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Practice Copy Work

Refine penmanship with Fall and Halloween inspired prompts. 

What's included?

  •  🖨 80+page Mega printable pack in a PDF format
  • 💡Learning activities for all ages arranged by area of study, such as PLA, Sensorial, Math, Language, Crafts, etc.
  • 📽 Video tutorials
  • Aesthetically designed watercolor or HD real-life images printable materials 
  • 📖 Read Aloud(s)

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