Language Montessori

The unique Montessori Language curriculum method is rooted in experiential learning and uses scientifically designed didactic materials proven to support the development of language skills in a holistic and integrated way.

Sound Games

Starting as early as 18 months, unlock your child's full potential and observe them progress from engaging Sound Games to the tactile and auditory exploration of phonetic sets, to embarking on a reading journey while following The PBG Scheme.

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Phonetic Sets

The hands-on activities and materials, such as the moveable alphabet, sandpaper letters, and tracing trays, are designed to engage children's senses and promote multi-sensory learning, which has been shown to enhance cognitive development and learning outcomes (Brauer & Browning, 2015).

PBG Scheme for Reading

Studies have shown that the Montessori approach's emphasis on hands-on learning, individualized instruction, and multisensory learning is particularly effective for children with language delays or disorders or children with developmental needs (Hornby & Witte, 2018).

 Our School with Your Words

The quality of the materials is so wonderful. Anya's amazing materials work so well with my classroom of young children with special needs. The illustrations are simply beautiful, and the resources are easily adaptable to use with varying developmental levels. I love how they apply to my students, but they are also so visually appealing, it's a treat for me, too! I love the courses I have received. Thank you!

Rachel zentner

I cannot recommend this enough! We practiced some basic Montessori style parenting but I wanted to get more involved with language, math, sensory and science. I was intimidated by Montessori learning but decided to try out this program. I have a unique toddler who has Speech Apraxia and is Neurodiverse. This took away all the mystery, anxiety and unknowns I had. I love it!!


I cannot recommend enough this platform! As a parent of two I am constantly struggling with time and was so hard for me lately to do activities with them because I didn't have that time to find ideas or to prepare materials! But this platform has everything you need! The materials are so colorful and appealing for kids and diversity of activities are beyond your expectation! The platform is easy to navigate as Anya did an amazing job organizing and explaining all you need to know! But if you have any question or curiosity Anya is constantly there to help you with what you need! I am so happy that I am part of this membership! 

 Claudia Leampar
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Sound Games

Children must be familiar with the sounds the letters make before being introduced to sandpaper letters. Children play Sound Games, and I Spy Game as early as 18 months, developing phonological awareness by learning to identify sounds. 

Phonetic Sets

Children learn alphabet sounds not in the commonly known ABC order, but according to a specifically predesigned phonetical groupings of certain consonants and vowels, which have been proven to be more effective in allowing children to form quickly as many words as possible using those groups of sounds.
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🌟 Join the Language-Learning Revolution! 📚

I know those sneaky fears and doubts creep up on you, whispering, 'Am I doing enough? Am I doing it right?' I have been there, done it! But fret not, my friend! I'm here to grease those tracks and take your homeschooling journey into a stratosphere! 

So, say goodbye to boring textbooks and hello to a whole new world of hands-on language exploration! 

With Montessori, language learning becomes an adventure that tickles your brain and sparks your creativity! 
Imagine tracing sandpaper letters with your fingertips, feeling the power of each shape and sound as you conquer the alphabet! 

Or building words and sentences with moveable alphabets like a language architect! 
And flexibility is the name of the game here! You are the captain of the ship and as long as you hone in on your family-specific vision, you can tailor the Montessori Language Course to your unique learning style and needs, making it perfect for every homeschooler out there! 

So, whether you're a budding wordsmith or need a little extra support, Montessori has got your back! With super cool techniques like multi-sensory learning, repetition (without driving you bonkers!), and reinforcement to ensure your child is learning at their own pace 🐢🚀, little learners will be climbing the literacy ladder in no time!

Children Have an Intrinsic Desire to Learn!

Let Them Do the Doing

Join now if you seek to provide your child with an engaging and holistic language education, which emphasis on hands-on learning, individualized instruction, and multi-sensory learning, which scientific findings supporting the effectiveness of the Montessori method, for children who are excelling or ones with language delays, disorders or children with developmental needs

Toddler Pre-Writing

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Birth to six years is a child's sensitive period for language. In preparation for language work, children start in sensorial and practical life areas, where they learn to focus, concentrate, and develop a sense of order. The lessons in the language area start with commutation, writing skills, and, finally, reading. Through tactile senses, children learn the sounds by using sand-paper letters and tracing trays. They also explore fun ways to combine sounds to make words. 
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Learn According to Phonetical Sets

Click | Print | Learn with aesthetically designed printables to facilitate experiential learning while promoting phonemic awareness, letter shape formation and recognition, penmanship and fine motor control.

ABC in Pictures

ABC In Pictures Alphabet Montessori literacy cards with real images are an excellent tool for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners to learn the alphabet, build their vocabulary, and develop cognitive and language skills while promoting phonemic awareness and letter formation.
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Lesson series

Learn with Hands-On Printables

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Imagine Story Cards

Language enrichment is a vital and transformative aspect of the Montessori environment as it plays a crucial role in fostering children's linguistic development and enhancing their understanding of language content, meaning, and context.

Sight Words

Pre-reading Activities
  • Click | Print | Learn
  • All necessary tools are included
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Find The Letter

Experiential Learning Approach
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Pre-Reading Practice with Sight Words

Before children learn to blend sounds, they encode sight words to memory, which they can recognize in early sight words reading books to build confidence, tenacity, and grit. 

See What's Inside

Climbing the literacy ladder can be as easy as learning how to walk!

Exploring Montessori Literacy 
From The Heart ♡
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Montessori PBG Series

A child progresses systematically from Pink Series to Green.
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The road to literacy starts with spoken language: with sounds and familiar objects that begin with that sound. Then, the hands-on phonetic approach helps young children to form a clear understanding of how written words encode the spoken sounds of the language into the symbolic letters of the alphabet. Using this technique, children master the sounds made by each letter, as well as the letter represented by each sound - one letter at a time until the entire alphabet has been mastered. 

Uppercase Alphabet Flashcards

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Learn how, when. and what alphabet to introduce to a child.
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Learn to read with PBG Scheme

A systematic approach for embarking on a literacy journey.
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How Our Students are Using the Materials 

Hands-on learning printables

Highly engaging courses

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Early Literacy

Aesthetically pleasing watercolor illustrations to promote experiential learning.

Learn Proper Letter Formation

Explore letter formation through sensory experience. "What the hand does, the mind remembers. "
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Animal Alphabet

Learn phonics and the beginning sounds with animals! 
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