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Hi, 👋 I am Anya! Choose how I can help you leverage your child's genius potential and seize the fleeting 'magical' windows of opportunity, known as "sensitive periods" most of which open and close between birth and age 6. 

Monthly Kids Activities Plan

Save $50 if Billed Annually
  •  MKAP is on a dripping basis, opening on the 1st of each month.
  • A calendar for a month with easy to set up low-budget activities.
  •  Bonus printables.
  • No commitment ~ Cancel anytime!

Montessori & Themed Courses

  ♾ Lifetime Access  
 Pay Once
No ongoing Membership Fees
  •  Instant access to all lesson. 
  • Montessori lessons in the form of video tutorials, eBooks, and/or printables.  
  • Get newly added activities & printables free of charge.
  • Member discounts.

Customized Curriculum

  Private Coaching  
$499 One-time Sign-up Fee
  • Personalized private monthly customized curriculum plan. 
  • Exclusive video tutorials, lessons and printable PDFs.
  • Welcome learning kit, after that, one on a child's birthday.
  • Monthly 40-minute private coaching calls. 

Monthly Kids Activities Plan

With 'MKAP' get easy pre-planned activities for each day of the month! 

 Join for $14 /mo

🕰 Save TIME! No more guessing & searching! Carefully curated 🗓 calendar pinned activities + a supply list.

💰Save MONEY: Minimal to no-setup-cost activities. 

🎁 Give your child the GIFT of learning by doing!

🔑 Get a new themed monthly plan, which opens on the 1st of each month.

🌟No Sign Up Fee | Cancel Anytime

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 Our School with Your Words

The quality of the materials is so wonderful. Anya's amazing materials work so well with my classroom of young children with special needs. The illustrations are simply beautiful, and the resources are easily adaptable to use with varying developmental levels. I love how they apply to my students, but they are also so visually appealing, it's a treat for me, too! I love the courses I have received. Thank you!

Rachel zentner

I cannot recommend this enough! We practiced some basic Montessori style parenting but I wanted to get more involved with language, math, sensory and science. I was intimidated by Montessori learning but decided to try out this program. I have a unique toddler who has Speech Apraxia and is Neurodiverse. This took away all the mystery, anxiety and unknowns I had. I love it!!


I was struggling to find Montessori material for my toddler to do on her daily activities. Every profile or website I found were all over the place. When I found Anya’s profile I loooved it. It’s so organized, the resources, specially the monthly calendar that comes with the MKAP, are so useful for us and last but not least Anya will answer you any time! She is so personable and caring. I even received two bonus courses when I signed up so thankful for her!


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